Gezinsbond is a network of families in Flanders, with more than 280.000 members. The Gezinsbond is  a pluralistic and democratically structured organisation for all families in Flanders and Brussels. GB defends the interests of families, regardless of religious, ideological or political beliefs, and regardless of th composition of the family (large and young families, families with any or few children, single parents,married or co-habiting couples, stepfamilies, grandparents etc).  Children’s health is one of the main focus areas for the Gezinsbond, in particularly the health of babies and small children. Gezinsbond publications reach more than 700.000 people yearly  in Flanders and Brussels.

What are EDCs ?

There is growing evidence that EDCs may result in permanent health damage to the hormone system of children. Children’s health should be our primary concern More >>


11.06.15 |

Pesticides, BPA cost Dutch society €6 billion in annual health bills, according to calculations by leading scientists, including ChildProtect Expert More >>


15 Apr 2015 | Den Haag

Op 15 april 2015 vindt wederom het halfjaarlijkse minisymposium over het stoffenbeleid plaats  georganiseerd door More >>

27 Mar 2015 | Driebergen

Protecting children from EDC exposure workshop

The Dutch LIFE project, ‘ChildProtect-Life’ (LIFE12ENV/NL/000833- More >>