Film ‘Endoctrination’ on the EDC delay in Brussels

04.09.14 |

Why does it take so long before EDC’s will be regulated within the European Union? The answer can be found in the film ‘Endoctrination’, says its maker. Parents would undoubtedly favour a possible regulation of endocrine disruptors (EDC’s) within the European Union, as EDC’s in consumer products can cause health problems for their children. Most corporations on the other hand would not be happy, as such a regulation would mean a threat to certain economic interests. The question is how much influence do these corporations have within the European Union? The film ‘Endoctrination’ tries to answer this. The film focuses on the European institutions and corporate influence, looks into the various strategies used by chemical and pesticides lobbies and the struggle of independent researchers. A must see!

You can view the film on youtube in English or in French.

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